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A home is far more than walls and a roof; it’s a place where life-long memories are made and a source of comfort, safety, belonging, and fun!  A home purchase will influence friendships, work and play opportunities, and sense of well-being.  It’s a big deal!

On the flip side of the warmth and wonder that a home can bring, is the practical matter of working through the home-buying and home-selling processes in an efficient, prudent, and effective way.  Transacting in real estate is not just about doing the best with what you know, it also involves getting smarter about what you may not yet know.  It’s these dynamics that make buying or selling a property both very exciting and complex for first-time buyers/sellers and experienced real estate investors alike.  As such, rest assured that I’ll tailor my approach to YOUR goals, preferences, and style.

As a former management consultant with Deloitte and later a CFO, I appreciate the importance of truly understanding my clients’ objectives, being thorough in considering all options, and negotiating the best results for my clients. Because the home-buying and selling processes can feel a bit stressful at times, my job is to equip you with the information you need to make informed decisions, avoid the potholes, and achieve your desired outcome.  I’ll do my best to make your experience as straight-forward, comfortable, and fun as possible.

I grew up in the Northern suburbs of Denver and my lovely wife and I have raised our two wonderful daughters in Boulder.  We love Colorado and all that it has to offer!  When not working, you may find me climbing the awesome walls of Eldorado Canyon, grinding up Sunshine Canyon or Flagstaff on my bike, or taking a walk with my family along the many beautiful trails throughout Boulder County.

I’m very open to just having a conversation if you have questions about buying property in the Boulder/Denver area or if you are interested in purchasing one or more investment properties and want to talk cap rates and ROI.

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